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United states(US) is third populated country with population of 352,159,500. US Population is growing at around 0.8% per year. Most populated State in US is California with population of 39,144,818. California population is increasing at the rate of 0.88% . California population had increased by 342,318 from year 2014 to 2015.

Even though California has the highest population in US, It does not have the densest population. California’s population is around 251.3 people per square mile. Most dense population in US is in District of Columbia DC with population of 672,228, with density of 10,994.0 people per square mile; Followed by New Jersey with population of 8,958,013, and population density of 1,218.0 people per square miles.

Most Populous States

State Population 2015 Pop. per sq. mi., 2015
New York19,795,791420.1
North Carolina10,042,802206.6

US Population - California Population

Year Population Males Females

Increase in California Population

According to us census Los Angeles County in California is the most populous county in unites states. Population of Los Angeles County is estimated to be around 10,170,292. Land Area of county is around 4,057.88 sq. miles. So the population density comes to around 2506.3 people per sq. miles. Which is pretty high when you compare it with us population density to 91.69 people per square mile.

Los Angeles County population has increased by 0.52% from previous year.

Los Angeles County population

Los Angeles County population data

Year White alone Black or African American alone American Indian and Alaska Native alone Asian alone Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone Some other race alone Two or more races Two races including Some other race Two races excluding Some other race and three or more races

US Population : Most Populous County

County Population Pop. per sq. mi.
Los Angeles County, CA 10,170,292 2,506.2
Cook County, IL 5,238,216 5,541.1
Harris County, TX 4,538,028 2,661.8
Maricopa County, AZ 4,167,947 453.1
San Diego County, CA 3,299,521 784.4
Orange County, CA 3,299,521 4,008.3
Miami-Dade County, FL 2,693,117 1,418.5
Kings County, NY 2,636,735 37,768.8
Dallas County, TX 2,553,385 2,924.7
Riverside County, CA 2,361,026 327.6

US Population : Most Populous City

As we all know, Most populous city in US is "The City with Everything" - "Land of Lincoln” New York City. New York City population is around 8,550,405 with population density of 28,362.8 people per sq. miles. If take entire New York metropolitan area, total population is around 18,972,363.

New York’s population has increased by 375,443 form year 2010, that’s increase of 4.6%. New York has one of the most diverse population with 44% white, 25.5% Black or African American, 0.7% American Indian and Alaska Native.

CityPopulationPop. per sq. mi.
New York city, NY8,550,40528,362.8
Los Angeles city, CA3,971,8838,474.8
Chicago city, IL2,720,54611,943.9
Houston city, TX2,296,2243,647.2
Philadelphia city, PA1,567,44211,681.8
Phoenix city, AZ1,563,0253,019.6
San Antonio city, TX1,469,8453,188.5
San Diego city, CA1,394,9284,289.5
Dallas city, TX1,300,0923,808.2
San Jose city, CA1,026,9085,815.9

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