As of Dec 2016, United States population is estimated to be around 352,159,500 making it the third most populated country in the world, but united states is better off when compared to China and India.

China's population is estimated to be around 1,373,541,278 and India’s population is estimated to be around 1,266,883,598. Combined population of China and India is around 2,640,424,876 which is around 36% of the world population. World population as of today is estimated to be around 7,359,928,000.

In United States one child is born for every 8 seconds; one person dies for every 12 seconds. United States receives huge number of legal and illegal immigrant population. United States has around 42-43 million immigrants which is around 13 present of US population. US Population increases by one person every 13 seconds.

Unites States land area is round 3,539,225 square miles; Which leeds to density of 91.69 people per square mile, which is much better compared to other countries like Bangladesh, Taiwan, South Korea, India, China were population density is in thousands per square miles. Macau (China) is considered to have highly dense population of 55,001 people per square miles.

Year Population Males Females

World population is increasing at higher rate than United States, Current estimated population of world is around 7,359,928,000. World population is increasing at 1.13% per year. World population is increase by 80 million people per year. US Population has increased by 0.84 % percent. Every year US population increases by 2.4-2.6 million people.

US Population in 2012 was around 313,914,040 which was in creed to 324,227,000 in 2016. That’s an increase of 3.28%. Increase of 10 million people in last 4 years.

US Population is growing faster in the South and West than in the Northeast and Midwest, and faster in suburban areas than in urban counties; both of these trends accelerated in 2015. US Population is moving back to suburban areas, Urban counties grew by 0.8% whereas suburban counties grew by 1% adding 159 Million people to Sub urban areas.

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